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With eight editions thus far, the International Seminar on Liminality and Text is a project born of the Limen and Text research group.

In their own words, Limen and Text is a project concerned with research into all aspects of liminality. “Liminality” is taken to designate the condition of things that occupy a threshold, or to identify the conditions governing thresholds. As employed here, the word “thresholds” covers borders, frontiers and interfaces. Furthermore, the word “thresholds” is relevant to an analysis of wavering or plural identities, of hybridity, of ambivalence, ambiguity and polyvalence; of transgression, subversion and transcendence. The study of liminality has been gaining ground in Europe, and a large number of research groups and projects at present study the role thresholds play in all textual constructions—ultimately in all discourse. The Limen Group is one such research team, mainly located at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). Its work centres on literature and discourse studies but it is willing to consider liminality matters in anthropology, folklore and cultural studies, philosophy, history and other disciplines.

From the Limen Group there have emerged a series of International Seminars and edited volumes, all of which have continuously expanded the scope of liminal research.